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No law in Washington requires the purchase of home owner's insurance when buying a home. However, if buyers need a mortgage to finance the purchase, the lender will likely require them to have a basic home insurance policy before closing the financing.

Forced-placed insurance

Lenders for mortgages can acquire forced-placed insurance on your property. This type of insurance is to protect the lender, not the seller, against possible losses.

Your homeowner rights & responsibilities

In the event that you have to file a home insurance claim, it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner.

Your responsibilities

Homeowners must:

  • Cooperate with the investigation

  • Provide proof of purchase and receipts for items

  • If you do not have proof of purchase, show pictures of the items that were damaged or are missing

  • Submit claims and information within reasonable periods of time

Your rights

As a homeowner, you have the right to:

  • A clear explanation of what is covered by your policy

  • An itemized document showing what portions of your claim will be covered

  • Responses from the insurer in a timely manner

  • Payouts and claim decisions from the insurer in a timely manner

  • An appraisal process if you disagree with the decision or the amount awarded

  • If you believe your claim was unfairly denied, you can work with the insurance adjuster to send your claim to a public adjuster for review. Note your public adjuster has to be licensed in the state of Washington.

Washington home insurance claim laws & regulations

Filing a home insurance claim varies from state to state, so it is essential to understand the regulations set in place in Washington. Some essential regulations are outlined below:

  • RCWA 48.30.015:

    • If the insured disagrees with their company's claim decision, they can bring the insured to court to recover the damages sustained as well any legal costs incurred in the lawsuit.

    • The court has the right to award damages to a claim up to an amount that does not exceed three times the amount of the actual damages to the home.

    • The first party claimant must provide the insurance company and the insurance commission a written notice describing the reasoning for the lawsuit at least 20 days before filing the claim in court.

  • WAC 284-30-330: "Specific Unfair Claims Settlement Practices," defined by Washington's Administrative Code, include misrepresenting pertinent facts, failing to acknowledge or respond in a reasonable time to communication, refusing to pay a claim without conducting a thorough investigation, and more.