10 Best home insurance rates

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As much as homeowners may like to believe, their home and property are not protected by an invisible wall that keeps out floodwaters, lightning, and reckless drivers. While something might not happen to your home and property, it is safer to assume that something could happen and take steps to protect yourself.

Why people get homeowner's insurance

Homeowner's insurance is not mandatory in the state of Massachusetts. However, it will protect the owners from issues ranging from frozen pipes to burglaries. Liability coverage also protects in cases where they are legally responsible for injuries to another person or damage to another property. Letting your insurance lapse is not advisable as it will have financial consequences in the future. If you have a mortgage, your lender requires you to have insurance. If your insurance lapses, then your lender will then take out insurance, which you will have to pay for until your policy is renewed, which in the end is more expensive.

What information to give insurance company

To give an accurate quote, they will usually want the following before writing up a policy and issuing coverage:

  • A picture of your home: This shows the condition of the home

  • List of any security devices

  • The coverage and limits you want

  • Square footage of home

  • How far the home is from a fire hydrant and a fire department

  • Cases of previous liability or property losses.

What to consider

When choosing the right amount of coverage, it is wise to take into consideration the possibility that your home may one day be a total loss. In that instance, you should get a dwelling limit of what it would take to rebuild your home at today's labor and material costs. Not only should you include your home, but unattached sheds and garages as well. Be sure to learn about the different parts of your policy, as well as what other coverage you might want to get.

Even though someone might not think some incidents would happen to them, there is always an element of the unknown. While it is unlikely that someone driving a truck will speed down the street, lose control of the vehicle and slam into a tree five feet from your home, that is not outside the realm of possibility. Your home is too important for you to take chances.