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A home insurance policy covers the costs that result from accidents or theft in a home. Kansas is prone to natural disasters, including thunderstorm winds, floods, hail, and tornadoes. It is, therefore, vital for you to have your property insured because natural disasters come without any warnings.

Even though no law in Kansas requires a homeowner or renter to have insurance, some rules and regulations exist to govern such protection once you decide to obtain a policy. Additionally, most renter agencies and mortgage companies will require you to have appropriate insurance before they offer you a contract.


Kansas State has regulations for the protection of the insured and the insurance companies. These fall under the Deceptive and Unfair Practices or Acts or the Unfair Methods of Competition.

The protections and regulations include the following, among others:

  • False Statements
  • Misrepresentations
  • Refusal to continue with insurance or refusal to insure
  • Limiting the insurance amount
  • Unfair discrimination

Insurance claims

The law requires that insurance companies not refuse any claim request before conducting a thorough investigation. An insurance company shall have committed an act of deception if it fails to affect equitable, fair, and prompt settlement in good faith after a clear establishment of the liable party.

Insurance for an incorporated company

Kansas law also has an option for a group of people who form a company. The purpose of this insurance is to protect company members in case of damage or loss caused by explosions, tornadoes, lightning, fire, and the likes. A company that's covered by this type of coverage must adhere to the following:

  • There must be at least 25 members.
  • The members must be citizens of Kansas.
  • Each member must be an owner of a property whose value is equal to or more than $100,000.
  • Each member must conduct his/her business independently and separately from the other members.

The businesses covered by this type of insurance are classified into two groups, and each member must confine himself or herself to only one type of business. The first group is comprised of household goods, wagons, livestock, farm implements, churches, and schoolhouses, while the second group includes manufacturing and merchandising buildings as well as any structures that house machinery.

Types of home insurance coverage in Kansas state

In Kansas State, there are six main types of insurance coverage for homeowners; these are:

  • Personal property insurance: This coverage protects your possessions in the home.
  • Dwelling coverage: This protects the structure in which you live, including the walls and roof.
  • Liability protection: This coverage protects and defends you in case a person is injured while in your home and they sue you. It also protects you in a situation in which you damage someone's property.
  • Other structures: This protects other structures on your property other than your dwelling.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: This protects you in case your home gets damaged to the extent that it becomes inhabitable. It covers the increased expenses you incur while seeking alternative accommodation.
  • Guest medical coverage: This coverage can help you pay medical expenses if someone is injured while on your property.

As a property owner in the State of Kansas, you must consider different insurance options available and be conversant with the claim process before you engage an insurance company.