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Like many other states, Missouri law requires the driver to maintain some liability coverage before driving a motor vehicle. The rate of accidents between drivers without coverage from the relevant agencies is relatively higher. Consequently, the payable premiums and unsettled claims in Missouri are high.

Vehicle owners are required to provide proof of financial responsibility when reviewing their number plates or registering a vehicle. Insurance covers safeguard the driver's legal liability to the property damage and bodily injury when the accident happens. The bare minimum requirement by the state of Missouri include:

  • $25000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $10000 for the property per accident

Nonresidents are required to provide proof of insurance that conforms with the laws of their respective states.

Proof of insurance in Missouri

There are three main ways drivers can meet the insurance requirements. Each method ends with an insurance identification card which must always be provided when prompted by authorities when driving. As a driver, the following must be in effect when operating a vehicle in Missouri:

  • A vehicle insurance coverage policy that meets the liability insurance limits of 25/50/10.
  • Proof of financial responsibility with the Revenue Department
  • The Department of Revenue gives a self-insurance certificate in Missouri

Driving a vehicle without proof of liability coverage is illegal. The driver must always provide the necessary insurance identification to law enforcement officials when requested. Failure to provide the coverage could lead to a ticket. Three measures can be taken when the driver fails to provide the necessary insurance coverage documents:

  • The court issues the conviction to the Driver License Bureau. The conviction is added to the driver's driving record and their points reviewed. It takes eight points in a total of 18 months to lose a driving license in Missouri.
  • The court can order supervision on the driver. The order is issued to the Driver License Bureau to monitor the driver and ensure they have the necessary insurance coverage.
  • The court may opt to suspend the driver's license if they fail to provide the proof of coverage when requested. The suspension is issued to the Driver License Bureau before the driver is notified of the suspension.

At any moment during the vehicle registration process, the Driver License Bureau might request the vehicle owner for proof of coverage. Failure to do so leads to suspension of license.

Driver license suspension and reinstatement in Missouri

When a driver's license is suspended, or the plates revoked the following suspension periods may apply.

First suspension – 0 days

Second suspension – 90 days

Third suspension – One year

After the suspension period expires, the drive can be reinstated their driving privileges and license plates when:

First suspension

  • The driver provides necessary documents showing proof of insurance
  • The driver pays a reinstatement fee of $20

Second suspension

  • Proof of suspension is provided to the Driver License insurance bureau
  • $200 reinstatement fee

Third suspension

  • Proof of insurance
  • $400 reinstatement fee

The proof of insurance must be filed and maintained by the Department of Revenue for three years after the suspension is lifted. Failure to maintain the cover with the Department of Revenue attracts another suspension form the Driver License Bureau. The suspension stays in effects for the three years unless the $20 reinstatement fee is paid and the proof of insurance is refiled.

When an accident occurs an SR-22 filing should be used for proof of insurance. An insurance identification card cannot be used.

Filing accident reports

You can report the accident to the Driver License Bureau when:

  • The accident occurred less than one year ago.
  • The accident involved an uninsured motorist
  • The accident caused damage of more than $500 or a person was injured or killed.
  • You can get an insurance report form:
  • The liable insurance company
  • Any license officer
  • Driver license Bureau and
  • Online

However, if the accident occurred without causing any injury, death or property damage of more than $500, it can still be reported if there was an uninsured motorist involved. When the Director of Revenues determines the operator and the owner did not have the required insurance cover, they are both issued with a notice of suspension. The notice comprises of reasons for suspension and outlines the procedure of subsequent hearing.