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Policy frequently asked questions

Add-ons are features that you can pay a little extra for and provide you with additional types of coverage. Virtually every insurance provider offers add-ons and they are a common feature in the industry.

Add-ons are any additional types of coverage that you'd like to add to your standard home insurance policy. These typically cost extra to include in your policy. Examples of add-on coverage include replacement locks and keys and alternative accommodation if your home is inhabitable for any period.

The actual structure of your home is covered by dwelling insurance, as well as permanent fixtures such as toilets and bathtubs. Permanent outbuildings including sheds and garages are also covered.

Small, high-value items that are easy to steal are classed as high-risk by insurance companies. Laptops, jewelry and mobile phones all fall into this category. Precise values are essential as insurance companies need to know what the loss would be if your home was burglarized.

Yes, insurance premiums are taxed at the state level, so the exact percentage you'll pay depends on where your home is located.

This really depends on the insurer. Some will be happy with photos of the items, or bank statements evidencing purchases. It's important to clarify what is appropriate with your insurer before you sign on the dotted line.

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